The map app with a plus.
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Find yourself.

With Maps+ you're never lost. With a tap of a button you can turn on location services and pinpoint your location on the map. With an another tap you can turn on the digital compass which will rotate the onscreen map to match the direction you're facing. To reserve battery there's an option to turn off location services if you don't need them.

Search online for a location.

You need a shot of espresso. Where's the nearest cafe? Maps+ has the answer. Just type "cafe" in the search field and suddenly all nearby coffee houses appear on the map, represented by pins. Searching works with specific addresses, business names and coordinates, too. When you find what you're looking for, tap the pin to bring up more information, such as phone numbers, web addresses, and more.

Get route directions with alternatives.

Maps+ can calculate the car, bike (US only) or pedestrian route directions with alternatives between any two locations with the help of Google's online services. You can even set transit points if you want to stop at specific locations before reaching the destination. Setting up the start, destination and transit points is as easy as dropping a pin on the map. You can also bookmark routes for future reference.

Remind yourself with location-based alarms.

Have you ever dosed off and missed getting off at a train station? With Maps+ you can use alarms to remind yourself of tasks that are location specific. If your device supports multitasking then alarm monitoring works while the app runs in the background, too. Please note that using location-based alarms can drain down your battery fast.

Record and edit GPS tracks.

If you are a hiker, biker or you just want to record where you went then you will love this feature. With a tap of a button you can start recording and if your device supports multitasking then you can quit the app because recording works while the app runs in the background, too. When you are finished recording hit pause and edit the track if you need to by deleting individual waypoints or by trimming the beginning or the end of the track.

Get social.

Find out what people tweet around you or anywhere in the world with just a tap of a button. If you log in to Twitter then you can also view your friends' tweets and mentions of you on the map. But it doesn't stop there, Maps+ is a full featured Twitter client that can be used to tweet, to read your timelines or even to report someone for spam.

Advanced bookmarks features.

Export your bookmarks (alarms, pins, tracks) to a GPX file via mail or iTunes. Import bookmarks by opening a GPX file with Maps+ using Safari, Mail or any other app that supports quick look. You can even link to alarms and pins and and share these http links with your friends. Organize your bookmarks by adding labels to them.


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