An amazing map app based on, the free wiki world map.
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Find yourself and browse easily what's around you.

With OpenMaps you're never lost. With a tap of a button you can turn on location services and pinpoint your location on the map. With an another tap you can turn on the digital compass which will rotate the onscreen map to match the direction you're facing. To reserve battery there's an option to turn off location services if you don't need them. So, you found yourself on the map and let's say you seek a restaurant and you see restaurant icons on the map nearby. To find out more info about them just tap on their icons. No typing, no search. Makes map browsing easy.

Search online for a location.

You need a shot of espresso. Where's the nearest cafe? OpenMaps has the answer. Just type "cafe" in the search field, even in your own language, and suddenly all nearby coffee houses appear on the map, represented by pins. Searching works with specific addresses, business names and coordinates, too. For best results when you search for addresses though, search this way "housenumber street city", e.g. "1 infinite loop cupertino". When you find what you're looking for, tap the pin to bring up more information, such as phone numbers, web addresses, and more.

Change between maps. Download them for offline use.

Browse the default maps (street, terrain with cycle paths and piste) and add your custom maps if you are an advanced user. Say you are a traveler and plan to travel to a place where you can't connect to the Internet. With OpenMaps you can download maps and access them without an Internet connection. Just remember to download the portion of the map which you're interested in and you're good to go. It is that simple.

Get social.

Find out what people tweet around you or anywhere in the world with just a tap of a button. If you log in to Twitter then you can also view your friends' tweets and mentions of you on the map. With OpenMaps it is really simple to tweet about places and to follow the recent Twitter conversation about a place. See an openmaps:// link somewhere? Tap on it to view it in OpenMaps. Check in. Comment. Do. It's fun.

Edit the map.

Ever saw a mistyped name, phone number or something else on the map that you wanted to correct but couldn't? You can with OpenMaps after logging in with your user. OpenStreetMap is the free wiki world map where everyone can be a contributor and with this app you can be one, while you are on the go. With OpenMaps it is really easy to do some basic edits to the map, like editing and adding tags or creating places (nodes) and we promise you that more complex editing features will come in the future.

How to get from here to there via these locations.

OpenMaps can calculate the car, bike or pedestrian route with directions between any two locations with the help of online route providers. You can even set transit points if you want to stop at specific locations before reaching the destination. Setting up the start, destination and transit points is as easy as dropping a pin on the map. You can also bookmark routes and access them without an Internet connection. This could be very useful if you travel abroad.

Bugs. We hate them, too.

We are really passionate about making this app the best of its kind and bringing you the best possible user experience. You found a bug or have a cool feature request that you want to share? Don't bother remembering to submit it to us when you get to your desktop computer, submit it right within the app. Vote on the ideas and talk about them with other users, letting us know what your favorite ones are.

Comparison of OpenMaps and OpenMaps Pro

FeaturesOpenMaps FreeOpenMaps Pro $2.99
Browse mapsyesyes
Locate yourselfyesyes
Download mapsIn app purchase ($1.99)yes
Twitter integrationyesyes
Edit OpenStreetMapyesyes
RoutesIn app purchase ($1.99)yes
Send Feedbackyesyes
Available on the AppStoreAvailable on the AppSore


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